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// Important Message Incoming…
// Start of Message

Happy Easter Everyone!!!
Billy the Bunny has lost his basket of egg in The Land of Happy HaviK.
Your mission… if you choose to accept it…
is to help Billy find his lost eggs and send a screenshot or photo via
direct message on Discord to xdjxdaveyx at Mission control and he
will send an eggs-traction team to get the basket back to Mother Goose.

We know we can count on you to make sure things go smoothly and
without stepping on any shells, or breaking any eggs…
anyway you get the idea!

You can download and run (on a Windows PC) the virtual sim link to
Happy HaviK world where you can use your expert tracking skills to
hunt down the missing eggs…
There is a zip file you can download and eggs-tract or a folder full
of the whole world if don’t want to have to make an omlette out of things…

Good Luck, HaviK Fun and Stay Safe…

Mother Goose is counting on you!!!

P.S. We removed all your bullets because killing is not allowed in
Happy HaviK Land but I eggs-spect your survival skills will see you

// best wishes
// xdjxdaveyx

// End of Message.

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