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TH Toolbox

This page is currently under development. Some features may not work fully yet.

Internet Speedtest Links

Test how fast your internet speed is. Are you a hare or a tortoise?

League Tables

Various league tables. Check that you're still number one!

Twitch Multi-Views

Watch more than one of your favourite Twitch streamers at the same time on one page - never again be accused of favouritism!

Gaming Hardware Health Tips

Is your screen flickering, your mouse squeaking or your setup just too slow. We look at what can be done to make your system fly.

Stream Tools

A list of useful tools you might need to get your stream running like a well-oiled machine. From begginner essentials onwards...

New Toolbox ideas

Submit any new toolbox ideas you have here... it all started with a dream...

Tournament Bracket

Tournament Bracket Generator

Handy Links

A list of handy links you might find useful for quick access, in case you're forgetful like me!

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