Tournament Bracket

Follow this link to see our free to use Tournament Bracket Maker.

Although it is split into two sides of 16 players/teams (red on the left and blue on the right), you can effectively combine these if you have up to 32 players in a tournament. There is no real difference between red and blue other than to split the chart. If you are colour blind you can simply ignore the colour system altogether! 😉

  1. Please note that currently it’s not possible to save any data other than by taking a screenshot at the end or using the email function if you want to remember the result!
  2. Only you will be able to see the data you put on the page, so if you want to show others either take a screenshot or display the browser window on your stream.
  3. There is an option to email the raw data to yourself at any point while you are filling out the results. Simply enter the email address you want to send the data to and press the ‘Send results’ button.
  4. There is a clear button in the bottom left which will clear all entries on the page.
  5. Free to use for anyone!
  6. Please contact us if you need a bigger bracket and/or the ability to save data to be loaded onto a results page for viewers. We may be able to work something out for you.

Exclusively for players in Pricey23‘s big Fortnite Tournaments. Pricey will give you a filename on stream so that you can see the latest results in the tournament. Past results will become available to load as time goes on.

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